The Effectiveness Of Trilogy Rosehip Oil For Acne Scars

During my teenage years, I had a horrible period where I was covered in acne. I knew that it was quite common for teenagers to deal with bad acne. However, it still made the entire process of having acne all over my body quite frustrating and annoying. Thankfully, those days are over for me.

Ever since I became an adult, I haven’t had any kinds of problems with acne besides the occasional zit. However, I still have a daily reminder of my acne due to all the scars that it caused. I had previously read about the benefits of rosehip oil for acne scars, so I decided to give this a try. Here’s my experience on the effectiveness of Trilogy rosehip oil for acne scars.

Quite A While Ago

Natural skincareQuite a while ago, I was watching television where there was a dermatologist talking about how to clear up acne scars. This was quite interesting for me, as most of the time, the television programs that talk about acne usually deal with acne itself, not the scars that it may cause.

The dermatologist talked about how recent studies, that along with her personal experience have shown that rosehip oil was very effective in making acne scars less prominent. She said that with continued use, using this oil will enable acne scars to appear basically invisible.

Hearing This Make Me Very Happy

Hearing this made me very happy.  Here was a way that would help me get rid of the acne scars my face and various other parts of my body. I decided to do a bit of research on the web to see whether and how other people had used rosehip oil to treat their acne scars. Although it was evident that oil hadn’t been utilized very much by people with acne scars.

The blog posts, testimonials and reviews that I saw of people using rosehip oil to treat their acne scars were talking about how effective the oil was. Some of these people had even worse acne scars than myself. They had before and after photos that clearly showed just how much of an effect the oil had on rendering these scars virtually invisible.

More Than Enough Information For MeTrilogy Rosehip Oil

This was more than enough information for me to build up the courage to purchase the product for myself to use. It turns out that there were lots of different brands that sold this kind of oil. I wanted to go with the highest quality rosehip oil possible. It made sense that the higher the quality of the oil, the more effective and efficient it would be in the treatment of acne scars.

Hence, I did even more research on the internet about what people thought was the best brand to utilize when it came to treating acne. It turned out that people using Trilogy rosehip oil saw consistently excellent results in the treatment of acne scars.

Trilogy is a very well respected beauty brand that has made a number of amazing anti-aging and healing products for the skin. I had even used some Trilogy products beforehand. Thus, I was quite comfortable in using Trilogy’s rosehip oil. I realized that the rosehip oil that was available through Trilogy was of a very high quality, and even better, quite affordable.

I didn’t have the means to pay hundreds of dollars for a possible cure to my acne scars, hence when I realized that I would be able to get the oil for under $50 I was quite happy and relieved.

Trilogy’s pure rosehip oil delivers key nourishment and repair for radiantly healthy skin. The rosehip oil is cold-pressed and 100% natural with a minimum 80% essential fatty acid content (omega 3, 6 and 9).  This ensures the availability of top quality naturally active ingredients for the skin.

So What Is Trilogy Skincare All About?71VXIKdCxIL._SY879_

Trilogy Skincare was founded in New Zealand by sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot in 2002.  After researching and testing the benefits of rosehip oil extensively, they decided to set up their very own skincare brand. They started up with just five rosehip oil based products.

Over the years, through their combined efforts, they expanded this range to over forty incredibly effective natural products. Today, they sell a bottle of Trilogy Rosehip Oil every 20 seconds and they are New Zealand’s number one skincare brand.

Trilogy Skincare products are independently certified by BioGro Organic.  This means that this highly recognized third-party verifier has given Trilogy Skincare its seal of approval for natural skincare.  Not only that: Trilogy does not carry out any animal testing and supports ethical and fair trade practices.

Can Trilogy Rosehip Oil Be Used On Oily Skin?

The answer is a resounding yes. Trilogy rosehip oil can be applied to all skin types and is perfectly pH balanced. Its superfine consistency makes is a very light oil.  The skin absorbs it quickly, leaving it hydrated without clogging pores.

Due to a molecular structure that is very similar to the skins natural oils, it will, in fact, help regulate and balance the skin’s oil production.  Trilogy rosehip oil is extremely gentle and even the most sensitive of skins tolerates it well.

My Own Experience With Trilogy Rosehip Oil

When my order of Trilogy rosehip oil arrived, I started using it almost immediately. Of course, I didn’t see results after trying it out for the first time. I knew it would take a few months of constant use for reliable and effective long-term results. Thus, even though I couldn’t see many changes at first, I decided to go through and use the rosehip oil for around 4 months.

After 4 months, the appearance of all of my acne scars was basically gone. I looked like I had never even had acne before! I was so surprised that the oil worked so well. Indeed, at one point I had my doubts about this type of solution.

 Reviews By Other Users

1. Pewter (

I cannot believe I’ve forgotten to review this great product that I use every single day. This little bottle lasts a long time. I’ve had this bottle for 6 months now and I’m only halfway through. I use it every morning and most nights (if I can remember). Rosehip seed oil is phenomenal on any given day. However, Trilogy ups the ante with the addition of lots of antioxidants. This oil has never once broken me out. Never reacted negatively with my skin (I have rosacea and extremely sensitive skin). It leaves my skin calm, hydrated, evenly toned”.

2. Anti-Age Warrior

I never thought the tiny lines above my upper lip would fade, but after using this oil for a few months… those lines are almost GONE! A little bit goes a long way, a few drops is all I need, and my skin drinks it in. In the morning I mix a few drops of this oil-blend with a light moisturizer…  At night I use this oil-blend as the last step after my nightly regimen…and when I am lazy I just apply a few drops of Trilogy Rosehip-Oil Antioxidant alone…without feeling that I’m neglecting my skin”

3. Catherine Middleton

Last but not least – Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, uses Trilogy rosehip oil in her daily skincare regimen.  She personally gives it her seal of approval and loves the effect this oil has on her skin, as does her mother Carole Middleton.


After using the product for 4 months, the change I have noticed in my appearance was phenomenal. Rosehip oil is definitely a great choice for someone who is suffering from acne scars.

Hence, is Trilogy rosehip oil effective for acne scars? Yes it is! I would definitely suggest people with acne scars try out this type of product.